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Cut CO2 Emissions by Working From Home

Working from home and video conferencing were, of course, a product of Covid 19. And the environment benefited massively as a result. Who could forget those pictures of clear blue skies across previously polluted cities around the world?

Now that covid is over though, many companies are encouraging their workers back into the office. There are many advantages to the planet from reversing this trend.

Remote working to cut carbon emissions
Remote working by Jason Strull on Unsplash

Why Encourage Working From Home?

Working from home means avoiding daily commutes, which cuts emissions significantly and costs for employees too. Not only will you benefit from less stressed employees but you may also benefit from more work too. If someone has to commute a long distance and you encourage them to work from home, you may well find they do more work in the time they would otherwise have been commuting.

What’s true for employees, is also true for employers. Cutting business travel can provide a significant benefit for your company’s bottom line as well as reducing emissions significantly. Every journey counts!

An average UK car produces over 220 grams of carbon dioxide per mile – so if your employees are covering thousands of miles each year – either for commuting or business travel – this soon mounts up. Even workers travelling 20-miles per day, can potentially reduce their carbon footprint by up to 450kg of CO2 each year.

Flights, of course, have even greater footprint, so avoiding or reducing these is definitely worthwhile. It’s also worth noting that first class travel emits nine times the carbon dioxide of economy class travel.

Worth some discomfort? We definitely think so!

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