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Global Warming – We Must Act Now!

Global warming is a reality. The world’s climate is changing. The planet is heating up and has been since the mid 20th century. Scientists worldwide agree the unprecedented rate of warming is manmade, caused by greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted since the start of the industrial age.

These gases will stay in the atmosphere, trapping sunlight and solar rays, continuing to heat the earth for centuries to come.

Last year we saw more floods, fires, droughts, and storms, than ever before. Temperatures are already 1.15°C above pre-industrial levels. This year we’ve already had the hottest days on record, with those repeated several times in the same week.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says we have to freeze greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and halve them by 2030 to maintain even a 1.5 – 2°C increase by the end of the century.

To meet these targets, we have to significantly change how we use energy, travel, and heat our buildings; consider what we eat, wear and buy. It’s an enormous task – but doing nothing isn’t an option either. We all have to do what we can to effect change.

We have to cut emissions if we are to have any hope of managing global warming and climate change
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Fires are just one disaster which we will increasingly see as climate change increases
Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

What Can We Do?

Every person, business, sector and industry carries out different activities so solutions have to be tailored to what each person or company does.

We start by carrying out an audit of your business and your industry to see where emission reductions can take place. These look at the situation now and in the near future, suggesting technologies which may help out soon. We’ll also highlight companies similar to yours that have already taken steps to cut their emissions.

Once complete, we recommend actions to take, suggest future strategic developments, and provide communications you can use to inform key stakeholders. With our wide marketing experience, we can also suggest ways to capitalise on your activities, providing competitive advantage.

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