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Easy Things To Do: Turn Down Heating

Did you know? The built environment is responsible for 28% of global energy related emissions, so turning down our heating (or cutting the time it’s on for), can make a significant difference to the carbon dioxide we emit.

It really isn’t so hard to wear a jumper when we consider global warming and the future for us all. So please turn down those dials and keep the heat in? Easy things to do include:

  • Reducing your heating and water temperatures (on both the thermostat and the boiler)
  • Closing doors
  • Draft proofing
  • Lagging pipes and hot water tanks
  • Closing curtains in the evenings
  • Putting in double glazing and, of course,
  • Insulating your roof space and cavity walls if you can.

Many of these actions are either free or cost at most, a few hundred pounds. A cost that’s usually recouped in less than a year.

Alternative Energy Sources

If you want an even better climate friendly solution, why not consider installing solar panels or a heat pump? These provide excellent alternatives to energy provided by fossil fuels. And they are coming down in price too.

If those are a step too far, then please consider swapping your energy supply to renewable energy if you can. Good Energy and Octopus Energy are two suppliers to take a look at. Or go a step further and invest in Ripple Energy – to get cheaper, renewable energy from your very own wind farm!

These carbon saving tips don’t just impact climate climate change either. They also save you money. If you turn down your heating by just one degree, you could save £145 or more and 300kg of CO2 per year.

Turn Down Air Con Too

For air conditioning, of course, the opposite is true. Here you need to ensure the point of switching on is as high as possible. Most staff really don’t mind wearing short sleeves in summer, so please make sure the temperature is set correctly?

Making people wear jumpers in summer to work really isn’t smart – either for the planet or for your energy bills – so take a look at what everyone’s wearing and if needs be turn that dial.

Stats and figures taken from the World Green Building Council and Energy Saving Trust.

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