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Fun facts and their sources

Fact 1: Did you know? Transport is the largest emitting sector in the UK. Over a third of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by transport – with over 90% of that due to travelling by road. And unlike most sectors, transport is increasing. That’s why we need to cut journeys and swap to more sustainable transport – and quickly!

Fact 3: Flying is one of the most climate change inducing things we do. So if you can cut your flights at all, please do. While you may have heard about sustainable aviation fuel – if we want to keep flying at the rate we are currently, we’d have to transfer half the UK’s agricultural land to crops for SAF. Rather leaves us wondering what on earth we’d eat?

Fact 6: Think there’s plenty of time to act before 2050? Think again. To reach net zero by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, we have to peak world emissions by 2025 and halve them by 2030. So have a think. What might you do to halve your emissions in the next 6 years?

Fact 7: Think that planting a few trees is good enough to cover your holiday flights? A single flight to New York takes a whopping 78 trees to offset within a year. Even a trip to Tenerife takes 40 trees. So when you’re booking those flights, just start imagining all those holes you should be digging!

Fact 9: Air pollution contributes to almost 12% of deaths globally. In the UK it helps kill 30 to 40,000 people each year. Road transport is a key contributor to air pollution – causing two-thirds of nitrous oxides and 30% of particulate matter – mostly from tyres.  So swap to public transport or active travel if you possibly can. It will make both you and our towns and cities an awful lot healthier.

Fact 12: We’re currently using the earth’s resources at 1.7 times what it can bear. So the next time you think of buying something, why not ask yourself if you really need it. Could you cope with what you’ve got or repair it instead? 

Fact 13: You could be a meat eater driving a Tesla and your carbon footprint would be higher than a vegan driving a Range Rover. That’s the difference between agricultural emissions and transport emissions. 

Fact 14: Carbon offsetting isn’t as good as you think. While there are reputable organisations out there, many companies plant little saplings that will take years to reduce the emissions you’re aiming to replace. There’s also a lot of double counting out there so be careful where you buy!

Fact 15: Did you know? Drinking two cups of coffee a day creates the same emissions as driving 795 miles a year! And the waste grounds usually go to landfill where they emit methane. But a Belgian company has found a great alternative. They use the coffee grounds as a compost for mushrooms and once the mushrooms are harvested turn it into plastic free insulation tiles. Isn’t that a great idea? How else can we use waste products for good?    

Fact 16: If we all just boil the amount of water we need, we could save 2.6 million kWh of electricity. That’s equivalent to 1.5 million miles of car journeys or enough electricity to fuel 112 homes for a year. So if you’re boiling for a cup of tea, just fill it to the minimum and boil it just once!

Fact 17: We need to think more about the heat we create. If we harnessed all the waste heat in London we could heat almost 800,000 homes for free. There’s already some solutions for waste heat from data centres, but we should be thinking about the tube, supermarkets, air con and heating shops too. 

Fact 19: Did you know – your bank accounts and pension could be providing double the emissions of going vegan, stopping flying and choosing to cycle over the car?  So why not use your savings for good rather than funding fossil fuels and help save the planet without doing a thing? Check out mymothertree to find out how much lower your emissions could be.   

Fact 20: Ordering online and not in a hurry? Save emissions by getting delivery of all items at once. In fact supermarket/online shopping delivery is usually better than going yourself. Research suggests it could produce three times less emissions because each van replaces several cars.   

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