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Encourage Cycling to Work for Free!

Cycling to work is easy to encourage through the Government’s Bike2Work scheme, which offers employees up to 48 per cent off the cost of a new bike and equipment. Through the scheme, motorists swap their daily commutes from cars to bikes. Employers quickly and easily encourage green, healthy behaviour, and have to pay nothing, as salary sacrifice funds the bicycles. Indeed, as an employer, you’re likely to save money, as it lowers your national insurance contributions by up to 15 per cent.

The Cycle to work scheme encourages motorists to swap their cars to bicycles as a more sustainable form of transport
Cycling by Roman Koester on Unsplash

Why Encourage Cycling to Work?

Cycling and walking are virtually carbon free and for journeys less than 5 miles they’re an easy, healthy, and often quicker, alternative to driving.

The cycle to work scheme provides lots of positive, knock on effects too. Active commuting boosts creativity, productiveness, health, and motivation. So your employees beomce happier and healthier too.

Significant amounts of carbon are removed from the atmosphere when cars are swapped for bikes. The average UK car emits 221 grams of carbon dioxide for each and every mile, so you could be removing 450 kg per employee per annum.

Want to know more? Download the Government’s cycling to work scheme details here and encourage your staff to start biking to work now.

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