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Change Your Life and the Planet: Become Carbon Literate

Carbon Literacy Training

It only takes a day to become Carbon Literate through the Carbon Literacy Project. But this truly is a day that will change your life. If you’re curious about sustainability, net zero, the future of the planet, or simply want to know more about how you can positively impact life on earth, this course is for you.

Becoming Carbon Literate

I completed Carbon Literacy Training in November 2022 through the CLP’s online training programme. And subsequently joined Auto Trader’s Automotive Sector Training in January 2023 to complete my pledges for certification.

Carbon Literacy Certification for Anne Snelson

Having spent the previous decade involved in environmentally friendly projects, the course finally persuaded me to focus mainstream on this vitally important area.

  • I set up my consultancy, Lead with Sustainability, to do all I can to reduce climate change.
  • I prepared sustainability research reports with recommendations for organisations in various industry sectors. (All have resulted in actions being progressed to reduce emissions).
  • And perhaps my hardest pledge – I’ve now sold my convertible which I don’t intend to replace. This act alone has attracted unprecedented interest with more than 42,000 impressions on LinkedIn.

    So yes, the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) has truly changed my life.

And that’s why I’m setting up as a CLP trainer (click to view certificate) – to help others change the world too. It’s the way I think I can make the biggest difference and will achieve most in terms of cutting carbon emissions nationally and globally. Something we simply have to do if we are to ensure survival of the human race.

More than 50,000 people, in 19 nations worldwide, are now certified carbon literate through the Carbon Literacy Project.

Carbon Literacy Training summary of learners

Almost 500 courses have been designed, covering a multitude of sectors. From local authority to automotive, there’s an opportunity for everyone. Each learner, as part of their certification, pledges to lower carbon emissions, on an individual and group basis.

This fantastic programme has already saved the equivalent of nearly 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Won’t you help save 200 more? Click here to get started.

Anne Snelson

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out more about how you can cut emissions
across your business and make a difference to the planet.

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