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Be More Sustainable: Five Emission Busting Tips

Think it costs more to be sustainable? Think again! Many of the easiest ways of cutting business emissions are either free or actually save you money. Here’s our five top ideas that virtually every business can do.

Five Top Tips!

1. Cut your office heating. Reducing your room temperature by just 1ºC can save 5-10% of your heating costs and your carbon emissions will drop dramatically too.

2. Travel is one of the biggest sources of emissions so reducing commuting or business travel is a great option for everyone. Use online meetings if possible to save fuel, time and costs or why not set up a car sharing scheme?

3. Consider ways to reduce, reuse or recycle office items (the order is important!). From paper towels to packaging, removing or replacing items can make a significant difference to emissions and your costs.

Be more sustainable - for instance by using renewable energy created from wind turbines and other environmentally friendly sources

4. Encourage staff to “switch off” lights, laptops, pcs and printers. Swap to LED bulbs if you can.

5. Finally, you don’t need to buy a wind turbine to benefit from one! Swapping to renewable energy is one of the greenest things you can do.

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